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Elevate Interiors with Manilam Laminates in These 4 Ways


If you have a vision to give your spaces a clean and minimal look, it can lead to better design choices - a statement that every expert would provide you at any point in time.

But have you ever thought about why decorative laminates are the talk of the town?


Why decorative laminates are getting more preference in recent years?


Which laminate designs can actually elevate your interiors?


Decorative laminates, in general, are known for their adaptability and extreme durability. Presently, we are seeing more and more spaces and home interiors owning the versatility that decorative laminates hold. Their incredible colours and designs can easily blend into any ambience and accentuate the elegance that every corner holds.



Manilam Laminates present an extraordinary collection of adaptable surfacing textures, showcasing a flawless finish that sparks innovative design concepts for enhancing interiors or effortlessly revitalising your envisioned spaces, without compromising quality and features.


Why Should You Choose Manilam Laminates? 


Manilam Laminates strive to be the epitome of excellence, offering exceptional solutions that transcend ordinary interiors.


Discover an exquisite array of products, including the Artistica Collection featuring 1mm Laminates boasting captivating designs and solid colours, as well as the Vogue Laminates with their sleek 0.8mm profiles.


Manilam’s commitment extends beyond interiors, as you get Exterior Grade Wall Cladding, Door Skins, and Liner Laminates. With this comprehensive range, Manilam aspires to empower you in constructing enduring and breathtaking interior spaces with the best quality laminates that stand the test of time.


4 Ways To Elevate Your Interiors With Manilam

To give your interiors an extraordinary look, here are 4 ways that can help you out as well as help you visualize how you want to give your interiors an overall look:

1. Accentuate Your Walls

Transform your space into a captivating masterpiece by creating a focal point using the artistry of Manilam laminates. With their versatile nature, these best quality laminates offer an exceptional opportunity to infuse your walls with texture and visual intrigue. Select a bold pattern or a distinct textured laminate from the new Artistica Collection (1mm) that will allow you to unleash your creativity. This will also achieve an awe-inspiring effect that effortlessly draws the gaze of anyone who enters the room.

2. Give Your Furniture A Facelift

Embrace the artistry of our laminates as they effortlessly breathe new life into your cherished coffee table, sideboard, or shelves. With meticulous application, these ordinary pieces undergo a stunning metamorphosis, transcending their original form and embracing a renewed sense of style. The surfaces become a canvas for innovation, allowing you to infuse your personal flair and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your interiors.

3. Flooring Finesse

Manilam Laminates offer an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your flooring to new heights of sophistication and style. Not only do they provide the aesthetic appeal of natural materials, but they also offer practical benefits that make them a smart choice for flooring. Our 0.8 mm Vogue Collection (3rd Edition) has recently launched some uniquely crafted designs that can give your floors a sheen and sturdy look. Laminates are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and fading. This makes them an ideal option, as they can withstand the demands of daily life while maintaining their impeccable appearance.

4. Door Delights

Transform plain and ordinary doors into statement pieces by laminating them with our best quality laminates. Elevate your interior doors by harmonising them with the overall aesthetic of your space or using them as stunning accents that create a captivating contrast. Experiment with different patterns and textures from our Dwar Collection to make a lasting impression and add a unique touch to your interior doors. Whether you desire a seamless flow throughout your home or crave a dramatic visual impact in specific areas, laminating your doors allows you to achieve both.

Final Thoughts

Manilam meticulously crafts each design, embracing the forefront of industry trends and styles. Every detail is thoughtfully curated, from the careful selection of paper to the choice of textures and finishes. We leave no stone unturned to present you with nothing but the finest options, so you can confidently select the epitome of excellence for your interior spaces.






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