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Enhancing Safety: Manilam's fire-retardant Plywood For Your Kitchen Space


Kitchen spaces are the powerhouse of every home. Every family is fueled by the heartwarming delicacies that come from this place. Even though we take extra caution when preparing our treats, mishaps might sometimes happen. Fire dangers are one such frequent disaster that occurs in the kitchen. A fire in the kitchen, whether of a tiny or severe nature, can result in significant loss and harm to both persons and their belongings.


Manilam’s Club 10X Fire-retardant Plywood from the best plywood brand in India are increasingly popular as a way to keep your kitchen fire-safe. Due to its appealing wooden texture and effectiveness in preventing fire accidents, plywood is now the material of choice for most kitchen furniture.


What Makes Manilam Plywood So Different?


Manilam brings you some of the best quality plywood that meets all BIS requirements. Additionally, the plywood goods are created with OCTA Technology to exhibit unmatched quality for a very long time.


Plywood produced with this method has a greater lifespan than that of plywood produced in the past without it. This procedure is used to produce plywood with the utmost care.


Why You Should Choose Manilam’s fire-retardant Plywood For Your Kitchen?


We all believe that items such as matchsticks, gas burners, cylinders, etc. can result in fire-related mishaps because the kitchen is a place where you come into touch with fires fairly frequently. But what people don't realise is that plywood has a higher risk of starting a fire and spreading it quickly. It follows that using fire-retardant plywood to construct kitchen furniture is necessary to slow down the spread of fire. 


Here are several benefits associated with using Manilam’s fire-retardant plywood.


1. Low Smoke & Emissions


When exposed to fire, Manilam plywood with fire-retardant qualities is made to produce a minimal amount of smoke. This is accomplished by using unique additives and treatments during the production process that are fire-retardant. Accelerating the evacuation process is one of the first things to do in the event of a fire mishap. Gas emissions also make the evacuation process take longer. Specific chemicals used in the construction of fire-retardant plywood reduce harmful gas emissions while also facilitating quick fire escape.


2. Water-Proof And Weather-Resistant

Water and moisture are known to be resistant to the fire-retardant plywood. As you spend most of your time in kitchens near water, this makes it even more appropriate for those spaces. They are therefore the finest option for modern kitchen, bathroom, and even restaurant furniture. In areas where there are regular fires and water exposure, fire-retardant plywoods are establishing a strong presence.


3. Termite & Borer Resistance

Among the biggest enemies of plywood furniture are termites and borers. Despite their small size, they may inflict a great deal of harm on your furnishings.  Manilam Plywood provides excellent defence against termites and borers in addition to having a fire-retardant quality. They contain compounds that repel fire and fend off extremely destructive infestation attacks.


Final Thoughts


Due to its versatility, lasting strength, and unfailing durability, plywood serves as a mighty cornerstone in kitchen safety. Manilam Plywood, hailed as one of India's most dependable plywood businesses with the best quality plywood, is a byword for exceptional quality and trailblazing innovation. Discover the best options and embrace seamless plywood procurement by using Manilam's innovative platform!


To know more about our Plywood:

Call: +91 95208 87011| Email: info@manilamplywood.com

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