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Tips To Create A Kids-friendly Home Interior With Manilam Laminates


Children are gifted with vivid imagination, creativity and curiosity. With the change in modes of learning as well as recreation, we all shift accordingly to adapt to the wants and needs of the new generation as well as including elements that support our passion as adults.


All these changes can only happen when we initiate them with baby steps, from a place called home. As a result, creating their bedroom might be among the trickiest aspects of home décor. Their disposition toward flexibility, malleable character, and shifting preferences are quite challenging for parents who desire the best for their kids.


To adapt to their changing tastes, you must choose a decor that is both extremely fashionable and functional. Using the best quality laminates is one of the simplest methods to achieve this in a space.


With so many advantages to offer, Manilam Laminates can let your imagination go wild when you try to create a unique room for your child. They come in every conceivable shade, hue, texture, finish, and type, and they require very little care and are simple to install.


Themes And Shades For The Perfect Kids’ Room


Using Manilam laminates to create a kid-friendly interior is a chic and useful method to ensure your house is both kid-safe and aesthetic. Here are some ideas for themes and suggested colours that you may use to make your house a welcoming place for your children.


Fun and Recreational

Bright colours are a great way to design a room to make your youngster feel joyful and content. To create a mosaic of eye-pleasing and cheerful tones and textures for the furniture in the space, use two or more solid-coloured laminates as the surface solution. Lighter, more vibrant colours used in the room's decor will give the youngsters a positive mood as soon as they wake up. They will like your words if you match their flamboyance to the laminates' hue.


Our suggested shades from our Solid Colours Catalogue:


3579 - SLG Basketball Orange

3517 - SLG the Yellow

3689 - SLG Dew Green

3523 - SF Blush Pink

3575 - SF Serene Blue


Bring In The Vintage Charm

If you have an affinity for all things vintage, a kid's room is the ideal location to add some exquisite accents and that distinct vintage charm. To give this space a new look, go for vibrant laminates. For the wardrobe, consider retro styles and patterns that complement your taste. It's crucial to remember, nevertheless, that while working with these hues and patterns, it's preferable to stay modest and avoid going excessive.


Our suggested shades from the Magnificent Collection:


7801 - Natural Walnut

F 361 - Cool Khadi

F 341 - Brown Twill

7234 - Rose Wood


Minimal And Modern

Keep things simple if you want to offer your kids room to be creative and comfortable. Select high-pressure laminate sheets for your child's room that are basic yet elegant, modern yet clean. Provide them with lots of storage space so that the room seems uncluttered. Also, select neutral paint colours to make the place calm and conducive to writing, reading, and other activities.


Our suggested shades from the Artistica Collection:


3652 MS - GEM BLUE




Tips To Apply Laminates To Your Kid’s Room


To make your kid’s room look cheerful, upbeat and fun, here are a few simple tips you can follow:


Tip 1


To create the illusion of spaciousness in a smaller space, use decorative laminates in light, pastel colours. These light-coloured surfaces efficiently reflect light, creating the illusion of greater space.


Tip 2


Accessorise the space by incorporating decorative accents with practical uses. For example, you can start your child's journey toward self-learning and exploration by installing a white marker board, a customized laminate, in their room.


Tip 3


Make sure all of the kids have access to comparable furnishings and styles if you choose to keep your kids in one room. This is very important for your child's mental health.


Final Words

Give your youngster a room they will never forget by making thoughtful design choices. Take your time deciding which laminates to select as a group. You can choose from a wide variety of designs that suit your child's and your preferences when you get the best quality laminates from Manilam. For your furniture, you can opt for Manilam plywood, which produces a breathable and healthy atmosphere in your home and has no emissions, making it safe for your child's health. 

Look around our website for laminate information, design ideas, and more!

To know more about our Laminates: 

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