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Give A Festive Touch To Your Graceful Spaces With Manilam Laminates


As the Autumn wind slowly enters, the essence of festivities strikes like nostalgia and prepares us for the most exciting time of the year.

This feeling of anticipation and excitement permeates every aspect of our lives, from the varying seasons to the lively ambience in homes and streets across the nation.


While everybody strives to keep themselves a step ahead in terms of fashion and lifestyle. This festive season, you can also opt for keeping your spaces way ahead in terms of design and creativity with brand-new decorative laminates that come with great new colours, textures and patterns.


Every décor and style taste can be accommodated by the wide selection of rich colours, textures, and styles offered by Manilam Laminates. These best quality decorative laminates are intended to give the interiors a rich, regal touch and visual appeal.


Why Should You Choose Manilam Laminates?


Manilam Laminates aims to be the pinnacle of perfection by providing remarkable solutions that go above and beyond typical interiors.

Find a beautiful selection of items, such as the Artistica Collection's 1mm Laminates with eye-catching patterns and solid colours and the Vogue Collection's chic 0.8mm profiles.


Since, you can also get Exterior Grade Wall Cladding, Door Skins, and Liner Laminates, Manilam's dedication goes beyond interiors. With this extensive selection, Manilam helps to create long-lasting, gorgeous interior spaces with the best quality laminates


Give A Festive Look To Your Spaces With Manilam Laminates


High pressure decorative laminates from Manilam can be a flexible and affordable method to give your interiors a festive Indian feel. Here are some suggestions for how to create that festive look with the highest calibre laminates:


Choose Festive Shades

Choose laminates in hues typically connected to Indian holiday celebrations. Red, orange, gold, green and many other vivid and bright colours, can evoke a celebratory mood. You can select from Manilam's Artistica Solid Colors Catalog, which features high-end designs and hues.


Laminate Panels On Walls

Use aesthetically pleasing laminates with elaborate patterns, themes, or even photos associated with the festival to cover one or more accent walls. This can act as a focal point and immediately create a celebratory atmosphere. Our Vogue Collection comes with the most visually pleasing patterns that can easily hype up your interiors without much hassle.


Create Decorative Furniture

Furniture components like cupboards, side tables, or wardrobes should be covered in laminates. To give your spaces an earthy ethnic feel, use fabric-textured laminates from Manilam's Magnificent Collection.


Additionally, you can utilize laminates to decorate your areas with trays, coasters, and picture frames. You can carefully arrange these elements throughout your room to bring the festive mood together. You can also apply them as ceilings to add a unique touch to your spaces. This effectively works in rooms with high ceilings.


Final Thoughts

Manilam Laminates is the brand you can rely on if you want to use decorative laminates to remodel your home and give it a modern, attractive appearance. To choose from a number of possibilities, look through our collections.


To know more about our Laminates: 

Call: +91 8448448917 |  Email: enquiry@manilam.com

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