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Upgrade Your Interiors with Top Quality Laminates And Plywood


Laminates and Plywood have become an integral part of modern interior design.

Various colours, designs, and textures can bring out the ideal interior decor you have been longing for.


Using the best quality laminates like Manilam Laminates can give your spaces an aesthetic and cleaner look. Also, your interiors can be safer and healthier with features like bacteria resistance, fire resistance, borer resistance and much more.


With Manilam Plywood, not only do you receive enhanced durability for your spaces, but you also ensure guaranteed safety and health with our zero-emission (EO) plywood. Our renowned Manilam Plywood adds strength to your furniture and perfectly complements the designs of Manilam Laminates.


By choosing your ideal design from Manilam Laminates that aligns with your design palette, you can get the exact interior design that properly holds up your vision in a proper well-structured. Not only do they add a touch of elegance, but their durability and easy maintenance ensure they withstand frequent use over an extended period. Elevate your spaces with long-lasting beauty and functionality.


Why Should You Choose Manilam Laminates For Your Interiors?

Manilam laminates make you experience the epitome of excellence. With the most exceptional solutions, transcend your interiors and create extraordinary spaces that leave a lasting impression.


Explore our exquisite array of products, starting with the Artistica Collection. Immerse yourself in a world of captivating designs and solid colours, featuring 1mm Laminates that effortlessly elevate any surface. For a sleek and contemporary touch, the Vogue Collection offers 0.8mm profiles, exuding sophistication and style.


But our commitment doesn't stop at interiors alone. We go beyond expectations by providing Exterior Grade Wall Cladding, Door Skins, and Liner Laminates. With this comprehensive range, Manilam equips you to construct enduring and breathtaking spaces that withstand the test of time.


Manilam Laminates gives you the liberation to unlock the possibilities of creating truly remarkable interiors. Elevate your design vision with our exceptional quality laminates and bring your spaces to life like never before.


How To Upgrade Your Interiors With Manilam Laminates And Plywood?


Manilam Laminates and Plywood are revolutionising interior design with their versatile applications and a continuous stream of new, innovative designs. Here’s how you can level up your interiors with the best quality laminates and plywood for furniture from Manilam:



1. Countertop Makeover

It’s time to embrace the allure of opulence by replacing your outdated countertops with ones that can make your interiors feel luxurious. You can give your countertops a lavish look with the best quality laminates that beautifully emulate the essence of exclusive materials like marble, granite, and wood. This gets even better when you apply our Manilam Plywood which is created with OCTA technology and is the best plywood for furniture, especially to prevent moisture and boiling water and is double-side calibrated. Manilam Laminates gracefully bridges the gap between affordability and sophistication, offering a cost-effective alternative that effortlessly bestows your space with a high-end, refined ambience.


2. Cabinet Charm

What could be better than elevating your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with the best quality Manilam Laminates to enhance your interiors?


Choose sleek and contemporary laminate shades from our exquisite Artistica Collection (1mm) that exude a sense of modern elegance, effortlessly breathing life into your cabinets and rejuvenating the entire space.


3. Room Dividers

Concrete or wooden walls may take up a lot of space if your interiors have limited area. You can use our specially crafted Manilam Plywood range as your room dividers, featuring CLUB 10X, GOLD BWP, REGULATE BWP Plywood, REGULATE BWR Plywood, and REGULATE MR - that are available in various thicknesses and sizes This can make your desirable room dividers sturdy and safe as well as give a reasonable amount of space. You can simply create two different rooms that can give more privacy and sophisticated appeal with this easy method. To give your room dividers an aesthetic look, you can apply laminate designs from our Artistica Collection and add more beauty to your spaces.


4. Elegant Ceiling

Add sophistication to your ceilings with laminates that speak charm and versatility. With a vast selection of laminate designs from our Vogue Collection (0.8mm), you have the power to choose those with reflective surfaces, capturing and dancing with the ambient light, or opt for designs showcasing captivating patterns that transform your ceiling into an artistic focal point.


5. Backsplash Brilliance

Incorporate style and functionality into your kitchen and bathroom by installing laminates as stunning backsplash. Beyond its practicality in safeguarding your walls from splashes and stains, this ingenious addition elevates the aesthetics of the space to new heights. The sleek and seamless surface of laminates creates a visually pleasing backdrop that effortlessly complements your cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures.


Final Thoughts

With unwavering dedication, Manilam passionately creates each design, embracing the pinnacle of industry trends and styles. Every intricate detail is meticulously curated, from the selection of premium paper to the deliberate choice of textures and finishes. No aspect is left unattended, ensuring our offerings represent nothing short of sheer perfection.


At Manilam, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and provide you with the utmost quality and sophistication. Manilam Laminates gives you an unparalleled array of options, allowing you to confidently choose the epitome of excellence for your cherished interior spaces.

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