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Give Your Home The New Year Look With Manilam Laminates


On New Year's Eve, you look forward to the beginning of a new chapter with great anticipation. You probably don't realize, though, that the upcoming year will bring with it more than just resolutions—your house will undergo a complete makeover.


You start a home renovation project to make your living area more lively and useful. Several magazines, Instagram pages and Pinterest boards have become your source of inspiration.


Every moment feels like an opportunity to be creative and work together, whether it's making personalized décor or refurbishing antique furniture. Your family members' bonds are strengthened by the shared recollections of hard work and the sense of accomplishment.


Chic living rooms, striking walls, sophisticated foyers, creative bookcases, and luxurious kitchens everywhere you look. If costly interior design ideas don't seem like they would fit in your budget, choose something classy but still reasonably priced. Choose some of the best quality laminates to enhance your home decor resolutions.


Manilam laminates, your stylish décor solution for both residential and commercial applications, are a contemporary alternative to surface décors. Using this contemporary design material and your imagination, adorn your house or place of business in a unique and environmentally friendly way.



How To Revamp Your Home This New Year With Manilam Laminates?



Using Manilam's best quality laminates to transform your house might be a great way to give it a new look for the year ahead. In addition to being strong and adaptable, our high-pressure laminates are available in a range of designs and hues. 


Here are some suggestions to help you use laminates to update your house:



1. Accent Your Walls

To add depth and visual interest, use textured laminates to create an accent wall in your living room or bedroom. To create a focal point in the space, choose laminates in vivid, strong hues.



2. Transform Storage Cabinets

Manilam Laminates can add an opulent touch to your storage area while shielding it from termite damage. The fashionable textures are more durable. A strong High-pressure laminate panel can add charm, so don't let huge holes in your painted wall steal the show.



3. Upscale Your Furniture

Renovate your bookcases, workstations, island tables, and kitchen cabinets economically without exceeding budget. For more stability and a more refined appearance, add liner laminates.



4. Your Door To Redesign

Upgrade the appearance of interior doors by using our exceptional Door Skins from the Dwar Collection, choosing a style that complements the overall theme of your home. Additionally, add laminates to door frames for a cohesive look, providing a subtle touch that can make a significant difference.



Kick-start Your New Year With Manilam


As with any endeavour, adequately prepare the surfaces and install them according to the manufacturer's instructions. For a modern, new look for your home in the New Year, Manilam laminates might be a great option, whether you decide to do a modest DIY project or a larger remodel. 


Let your creativity find new avenues. 


Wishing you all a great year ahead!


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