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Tips To Use Textured Laminates To Enhance Home Interiors


Colours evoke strong emotions. Whether through wallpapers, paint, or laminates - colours bring more life to your spaces with their vibrance and aura.


However, because of its effortless depth, variety of styles, and aesthetic appeal, textured laminates are gaining popularity in the interior design sector.


Texture, being the primary element in interior design, is critical in creating aesthetically beautiful and engaging rooms. Recently, high pressure textured laminates from Manilam are becoming a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers. 


Why You Should Choose Textured Laminates From Manilam?

1. Know The Composition

Textured laminates are composed differently and maintain their sheen and depth. The embossing process which creates textures and patterns on the surface of the sheet, is used to create laminate textures. Manilam is a flexible option for home improvement and decoration. Its best quality laminates bring out the desired style and appearance through each design.


2. Understand The Beauty

Manilam Laminates brings you the best of textured laminates - with designs that not only bring an aesthetic feel to your spaces but can also mimic the beauty of nature. Our Artistica Collection comes with more than 200 designs that depict the exclusivity and authenticity of each texture. Manilam’s textured laminates can imitate the knots, grains, and patterns seen in wood, and fabrics, as well as the colour variations found in natural stones like marble and the appealing patterns found in tile.


3. Consider The Immense Versatility

Textured laminates can also be used in a variety of ways. Manilam’s textured laminates from the Vogue Collection can be applied to numerous surfaces, including walls, flooring, furniture, counters, and decorative objects. Textured laminates can offer a sense of depth and complexity to a property, adding a cohesive appeal throughout.


Tips To Add Manilam’s Textured Laminates To Your Interiors

Manilam’s high pressure laminates are added with unique textures and can make your spaces seem like it is a part of an art exhibition.


Here are some noteworthy tips to help you add textured laminates to your home interiors:


1. Analyse Your Interior Style

Manilam laminates emerge as adaptable canvases in the domain of interior design, allowing homeowners to build their rooms with creativity and refinement. 

Textured laminates can be chosen to compliment popular interior design trends ranging from classic, rustic and modern to eclectic. Consider the interior design style you wish to incorporate into your home when selecting laminates.


2. Colour Coordination

Textured laminates come in a variety of shades. It must be matched with the colour scheme of your home. You can select a textured laminate from our Magnificent Collection that compliments or contrasts with the colour of the walls, floors, furniture and other accessories.


3. Try Experimenting With Designs And Layout

Textured laminates are a fantastic method to add a sense of uniqueness and aesthetic appeal to your home. To make an eye-catching pattern, you can consider combining multiple laminate designs or textures. Wooden textured laminate flooring, for example, can complement basic painted walls or an abstract pattern accent wall against clean tile floors. Experimenting with various textures along with their coordinated colours can create several new eye-catching interiors. You can mix and match and create new layouts that can elevate your home decor.


Final Thoughts

With a wide range of aesthetic options, laminates provide affordable home improvement alternatives. Manilam has an exclusive assortment of best quality textured laminates that are ideal for improving the appearance of your home, office, and other locations. Our trendy and appealing laminates from our wide range of collections are here to create an inspiring and inviting environment for every space.

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